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Name:          Playerndc aka D-Money

School:        North Carolina A&T

Location:     Uptown 4 Life

What does Go-Go mean to me:

                    Go-Go is me, its my life being expressed and shared with my peoples both near and far.  Just like go-go music, I cant let my dreams be stopped and I wont let them be stopped. For dreams are only stopped by you and if your going to stop them then why have them. Go-Go is a message straight from my city Washington DC!!!  Listen and learn America, for we have something to say...straight from our Neighborhood Life, because We Got Next, in this game. So I ask the question, Can U.C.Beyond all this maddness?  If not then come go with me as I lead you Back2Basix!!!

Quote:         Never forget the bridge that has brought you over, for you might have to cross it again in life for 1 reason or another!!

Hobbies:       Seeking God 1st, Producing music, Basketball, Debating, Bowling, Traveling, Living life to the fullest!!


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