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Wzup I'm Tre'!!

Name:          Tre

Location:     The Earth, The Universe

What does Go-Go mean to me:

                   Go-Go to me is life.  Go-Go contains all the elements of music, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Rap and Soul all fused together. Sorta like how life is so filled with different aspect, I love it!  Its like a culture and defines black people, especially it being rooted to African music.  It is also like a movement.  Its real live music with no boundaries, just pure creativity and expression, which is how we want the younger generations come to live, PURE & REAL!!

Quote:        "Love everyone, but first trust a few, always pull your own canoe!"

Hobbies:      Meeting new people, Being with family and friends, Traveling, playing & watching basketball, Thinking, Observing, Reading, Partying, Analyzing I don't do much!!

                 ***Mostly everything else is a distraction from righteous living!  Music is my life!!***


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