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In Memory of Footz...R.I.P.



Name:    "E" but you can call me "E-Z Now" if your nasty! [LADIES ONLY]

School:   University of Gifted & Talented

Location:  District Coast   [North Eastern]

What does Go-Go mean to me:

              Go-Go is a unique culture just beneath the main stream of music.  It's a collaboration of different genres of music.  To make this DC home based sound, this genre of music is a feeling, an expression, and a lifestyle that the people of this genre of music (Go-Go) have been living basically since birth.  So when you hear go-go you are listening to the livelihood of the musicians that's playing it.

Quote:     "If if doesn't make DOLLAR$, It doesn't make CENT$"

Hobbies:     Playing drums, Reading, watching music DVD's, and anything that pertains to me getting better at my craft!!


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