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UCB Story
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        This is the story of The Ultimate Party Band.   That's right The UnCalled4 Band aka UCB has been in the game since the early 90's.   People always ask, who is UnCalled4? 11 young adults with a dream, vision and goal to take their DC city sound of Go-Go to another level.  Like most young men in the DC area they have partied with some if not all of the major bands, always asking the question, why cant we do that!  UCB writes, produces and plays all genres of music.   UCB has played at many venues, clubs, and events, including the Jones vs. Tarver after-fight party in Las Vegas NV 2004, Go-Go Live 2003 [NOW available on DVD], Unifest in SE DC, Georgia Ave Day, National Safety Night Out, Montego Bay, Negril, also Run-a-Waybay, Jamaica, also UnCalled4 has also featured in a motion movie called THE POCKET, not to mention TV Commericals, sound track for plays with much more to come in the upcoming years. 

            Coming from all different walks and backgrounds in life, but yet having the same goal in mind has brought this once upon a lifetime dream to the fore front in the Go-Go industry!  By no means has the road been an easy one that's for sure, but with the determination and blessing from above, this mission in life seemed to be destined from the start. 

        Just a taste of what we have gone through in the early years until now consist of, book keeping and management of all UCB affairs with little to no knowledge of the business, playing on street corners,  in alleyways, in friends and family backyards, on playgrounds around the city, transporting all our equipment on the metro bus to shows,  being laughed at by our own peers saying we were crazy and would never make it. 

        Thanks to the emergence and uniting with 3P Productions, after 3years on their own UCB has been able to make some of those ideas and once upon a time dreams a reality.  UCB and 3P has brought you 4 CD's over the years thus far, Neighborhood Life, We Got Next, Can UCBeyond, Back2Basix.   All 4 telling a story from within from a personal side.  Check them out in local store or order them right NOW on our UCB FAN CLUB website! [ordering ability coming soon!] 

        Well, one thing is for sure we haven't made it just yet, but well just keep on moving until that moment comes!!!


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